This was painted for my sister Liz, a woman who is not afraid to take risks and who trusts her creative visions. At the time my sister had a clothing label which was known for their bold colours, fabulous prints and amazing hand feel. The label was manufactured in India, which meant frequent trips back and forth. On her time off, she explored the country. The inspiration behind this painting was a stunning photograph she took on the streets of Jaipur of a cow adorned in decoration. Liz had collected elephants since we were children, so chose to add to her collection.

The original artwork was a mixed media piece painted on canvas, predominately oil and acrylic, embellished with beads. 



Limited Edition Print on 300gsm Cotton Rag

46.7cm (W) x 70cm (H) x 0.2cm (D)


Dream in Colour, Limited Edition Print